I am always looking for new challenges and having seen cat pictures from below, my vision of the series "Undercover" was born. The difficulty at first was finding the right glass pane and size. A good friend of mine owns a glazing company here in Luxembourg (Vitralux) and immediately offered to help me with the project; I decided to go for it. My first test was with my now 1-year-old dog KAYA (Australian Shepherd). A few helpers are needed here and there so that the animal feels safe on the glass disc and of course treats also help. This is when I see the funniest pictures from below that I can then capture in a few moments. I was lucky that my breeder Bettina of the “Dandelion Hills” was a puppy mum of little Australian Shepherds at exactly the right moment and offered me the opportunity to immortalize these 6-week-old puppies for their owners.