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My background

My Name is Mike Kremer 48 years, a certified master of dog photography. I am an owner of 3 Australian Shepherds Blue, Kaya and Neo. I am photographing with a Nikon Z9 and a Nikon Z6II and a Nikon D850. I have been photographing for 17 years now. In the beginning it was just a hobby, yet as time went on, it has become something I do with passion. It is as a creative counterweight to my police job, which has not changed until today. I thought that my inborn talent to take pictures had an opportunity to grow, and the rest is history. I learn a lot about photography every day and feel that it is an open space which gives me the opportunity to explore something new all the time. Like any other photographer who enjoys and loves art, I try to bring something personal in every photo I take. I started my dog photography in 2021, photographing more outdoors due to the pandemic.

Bond between man and dog

There is an enviable bond between man and dog.  It is one relationship however where you soon start to realise that you will outlive your closest friend and there will be a time when they are not by your side anymore. In adult life I appreciate the bond between man and dog more than ever and love getting to know dogs and their owners, capturing the characters and bonds between them. Looking back now there are a few tatty photos in my album of Dinah, my Golden Retriever, who lived 16 years with us. Like most people I look back wishing I had better photos of the friend I loved so much.

About Actionphotography

Everything started with joining a 6-month online course in 2021 with awesome dogphotographer Claudio Piccoli, who is one of the best dogphotographers in the word and specialized in action dogphotography. Claudio helped me a lot in my progress and I my acknowledgments grow faster and I can focus now on capturing dogs and to produce a great endproduct for the dogowners in the area of Luxembourg.

Commercial dog photography

If you run a pet business, from a local dog groomers to a multi-national dog food brand, we can help you create the perfect images for your business. From creative product shots for your website to stunning pictures of dogs – either in our studio or out on location. We have the experience and equipment to put the perfect picture together. Commercial dog photography requirements vary from client to client. You may be a charity with an event needing to be covered, a magazine looking for editorial content or a small business looking for your website to have images special to you. Whatever your needs, we’d love to discuss them. We’ve worked with some magazines, charities and covered events – for the likes of New York Post, the Police Luxembourg, Daily Mail to name a few.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work and we can share a walk or a run in the park together soon and create a picture of your friend for you to treasure.

How can you reach me?

You can phone or contact me via Whatsapp

-> +352 621 37 49 48 <-

I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

P.S.: I speak english, french, german and Luxembourgish 😉